Original Songs


“Little One (David’s Song)” WAV file


(Glen Dawursk Jr.)


Little feet with little toes;

Little eyes and little nose;

Jesus loves the baby here today.

Little Tummy, little ears;

Little cries and little tears;

Jesus loves the baby here today.



And He says suffer the children to come unto me, For by grace they will believe,
Through Baptism water and my precious word.

For faith is from the Spirit above, And at Baptism they receive my love,
Through living water and my precious word.


Little mouth with little lips,

Little thumbs and finger tips;

Jesus loves the baby here today.

Little legs with little knees,

Little laughs and a little sneeze;

Jesus loves the baby here today.


Copyright  Glen Dawursk, Jr.


“Step Out of the Water” WAV file


(Glen Dawursk Jr.)


The banks of the Jordan River, Overflow each year;

But God said step onto the water, And do not fear;

So obeying their God’s command, The priests stepped in;

And instantly the flood was sand, -- God’s plan again!



So step out on to the water, Step out onto the sea;

Just grab upon His gracious hand, Jesus says – “Come follow me.”


The sky was dark and the waves were crashing, Upon their boat;

The disciples prayed for God to stop it, So they could float;

By their fearful cries and anguish, Jesus awoke;

In an instant the storm just ended, ‘Cause Jesus spoke.


During the fourth watch of the night, Their boat did drift;

Then the wind pushed straight against them, And the waves did shift;

From a distance they saw Jesus, Walking on the sea;

And Peter called out to His Savior – “Jesus, pick me.”



So He stepped out onto the water, He stepped out onto the sea;

He grabbed upon His Savior’s hand, When Jesus said, “Come follow me.”


When your life is treading water, You’re about to drown;

When you feel your world is hopeless, And your feelin’ down;

Know that God’s above your water, Reaching out His hand;

He lifts us up above our waves – Takes us to dry land.


Copyright  Glen Dawursk, Jr.


“Sing Your Praises” WAV file


(Glen Dawursk Jr.)



Sing your praises to the Lord, 
Sing your praise, Alleluia.

Sing your praises to the Lord,

Sing your praise, Alleluia.

Alle (clap clap) luia, Alleluia;  Alle (clap clap) luia, Alleluia.


Once my life was filled with just ups and downs I seemed to have no room for praise

Now I'm his child, He turned my life around, Now I'll just praise Him all my days.


He came to earth to simply live and die, He nailed our sins upon that tree.

We can never pay our debt, or even try, Yet He filled our lives and set us free.


Copyright  Glen Dawursk, Jr.


“Born on Christmas Morn” WAV file


(Glen Dawursk, Jr.)


Walkin' all day, Lookin' for a place to stay,
That's what Mary and Joseph did do;

Searchin' every place, Every sing space,
Any comfy inn would do;

But nothin' was found, Nothin' was around,
and Joseph knew Mary was due,
But God had a plan, To save every man,
And a stable with hay would do.



Precious Jesus, you are adored. 
Precious Savior, in one accord.
Precious Baby, You are my Lord.
Born on Christmas morn.


And Mary gave birth that day,
Lyin' in a bed of hay,
Jesus our Savior had come;

She wrapped Him to keep Him warm,
Cuddled with her newborn,

Jesus he Savior had come.

Shepherds came stoppin' by,
 Just to praise and glorify, this new baby boy;

And as the baby grew, Some kings came kneelin' too,
Bearin' gifts for this boy.


Copyright  Glen Dawursk, Jr.


“Brand New Day” WAV file


(Glen Dawursk Jr.)


When I wake up in the morning,

I look for a brand new day

When I'm upset in the evening,

I look for a brand new day

When things in life aren't turning out right - My stomach turns, its all uptight;

That's when I need a brand new day.



Jesus is a brand new day;
He is the only way

He will never, ever leave-
As long as you will believe

When things in life are looking down,

He'll pick me up and turn me around,

He'll put me in a life that's Heaven, Heaven abound. 'Cause He will make
A brand new day.


My life is a hurry,
I'm rushing the entire day.

It makes me want to cry.

Fall down upon my knees and pray.

'Cause every time I try
to do things fast,

It always seems I end up last.

My future just became my past

That's when I need a brand new day.


I've learned that a Christian can have happiness As well as strife.
While my sins are forgiven,

I still can't live a perfect life.

And every thing I try to do it right,

The Devil and Me, we have a fight.

And often times I lose my might ...

That's when I need a brand new day.


Copyright  Glen Dawursk, Jr.



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Sung by and words & music written by Glen Dawursk Jr.

Songs are Copyright Glen Dawursk, Jr. 2002;
Performing band is Stone Pillow of Wausau, WI

Downloads are for personal use only and are not for duplication,
distribution or for sale in any form without the
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