Vacation from God – Version Two

Glen Dawursk, Jr.  –


The teacher puppet comes to the front stage right and talks to several students sitting behind cardboard desks.


Mr. D:    We’ll class, it is our last day of school and I know that many of you are going to take a vacation this summer.


Julie:     That’s right Mr. D.  My family is leaving for Florida.  We’re gonna see Disney and Universal Studios, and Busch Gardens and the beach and the Space Center and a whole bunch more. My dad says we are gonna stay there a long time. He said we may never want to come back home again. My mom thinks we should rest more on vacation but my dad just wants to see stuff.


Mr. D:    Hmmmm.  Wow that is some trip Julie.  Sounds exhausting. How about you Dana?  Are you going on vacation this summer?


Dana:    Yes, we are going up north to fish and swim and just hang out.  My mom likes it because there are no phones or television stations up there.  Dad says he likes that there is no one to tell him what to do.  We’ll probably go up every weekend.


Mr. D:    A cottage up north – that is one way to get away from our day to day life here.  Say Joey, are you going on vacation this summer?


Joey:     Well sort of.  My mom has a really weird trip planned.  We are going to see the World’s Largest Yarn Ball in Walla Walla, Washington.  She likes to knit, so she really wants to see it -- kind of a “life long dream” for her. Besides, she says she really just wants to get away from work and school and everything around here.  She says she needs a break from her life here and the Yarn Ball is the solution.


Mr. D:    That is very interesting Joey.  I guess you could say your family will have a ball on vacation.  Yarn ball…get it?  Oh well… Well, it sounds like most of you are “getting away” this summer – taking a vacation from school, work and your life here – BUT, how many of you plan on taking a vacation from God this summer?


Dana:    A vacation from God?  How do we do that?


Mr. D:    Well, Dana, when you go up north each weekend, do you go to a church up there on Sunday mornings? 


Dana:    Well, not really.  Dad says all of nature is God’s house and that when we go fishing we are being like disciples -- and that is church enough for us during the summer.


Mr. D:    How about you Julie? Does your family pray before you eat while you run from one amusement park to another?


Julie:     No.  How can we?  We are always in a hurry, besides, I think God understands that this is a vacation.  We don’t have to do all those “God Things” during the summer.


Mr. D:    Joey, will your family have devotions while on your drive to the Knit Ball?


Joey:     Do we have to?  I mean, we get church stuff all school year.  Summer is a time to get away from all that.  Even God takes a rest.  Summer is our time to get away from God and have some fun for once.


Mr. D:    Really?  Is summer really a time to get away from God?  Is it?  What if God took a vacation from us?  What would happen to the world?  What would happen to us? Think about it…




This is the key question for the chapel talk.