“Pie, Fish and Change”

Based upon Matthew 17:1-9

Written by Glen Dawursk, Jr. 3/17/02 – www.yuthguy.com


(Music down)


Narrator:         It was a peaceful quiet day the town of Caesarea Philip - pie


Gramps:         (Pops up his head) Hey did you say something about a pie?
I simply love pie.  What kind of pie is it anyway?


Narrator:         Pie?  No not pie, I said the city was named Caesarea Philippi.


Gramps:         Oh, sorry, I thought you said pie. I love pie.


Narrator:         Well, anyway it was a peaceful day and Jesus and three of His disciples, Peter, James and John decided to hike up Mount Hermon so they could pray.


Gramps:         PLAY on a mountain?  Why would you PLAY football or baseball on a mountain?  The ball goes flying off and then you have to hike back down to get the ball.  Well you know what I mean.  It just doesn’t sound too safe too me.  Playing on a mountain.


Narrator:         No, No, not PLAY, PRAY!  They went up the mountain to pray!


Gramps:         Did you say PRAY?


Narrator:         Yes.


Gramps:         Yep, I do it all the time.  Praying is a great way to talk to God.


Narrator:         Well that is true.  Anyway, while they were on the mountain, Jesus “changed.”


Gramps:         Changed?  You mean He brought different clothes along and changed into his PRAY clothes?  (laughs at his own joke)  You get it, Instead of PLAY clothes, I said PRAY clothes?


Narrator:         No, No, No, No!  Jesus changed – He became transfigured!


Gramps:         Yeah, my wife is trying to change her FIGURE too.  Got a little big from eating all those pies.


Narrator:         Listen, the word is “transfigured”.  It means that Jesus, who was 100% man, showed for a moment that He is also 100% God.  His human appearance “changed” for a moment.


Gramps:         It did?  He changed how He looked?  How did He change? 

Did He shave off His beard or something?


Narrator:         Well, the Bible tells us that His clothes became as bright as lightning or as bright as the sun. 


Gramps:         Wow, I sure hope those disciples remembered their sunglasses.  Bright lights are murder on my eyes.  They got a name for that brightness thing?


Narrator:         Well, we call it the “Glory of God.”


Gramps:         The “Story of Cod”, huh?  I just love a good fishing tale. 


Narrator:         No, the “Glory of God.”  You see they were in the presence of God.  Jesus is God. 


Gramps:         Bet they were real surprised.


Narrator:         They were very surprised and not only was the bright light from Jesus’ clothes hard on their eyes, but then something even more fantastic happened?


Gramps:         Oh, I know, let me guess, they all ate pie and went fishing.  Right?


Narrator:         No, that’s not right at all.  While Jesus was glowing with the Glory of God, two special visitors suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


Gramps:         Yep I figured as much, two thieves showed up looking’ to steal their fish and pies? 


Narrator:         No, no, no – There was no fish and pies.


Gramps:         Of course not, they stole them.


Narrator:         There were no fish and pies on the mountain – just Jesus and the three disciples…


Gramps:         and the thieves.


Narrator:         No the men who appeared weren’t even alive.


Gramps:         You mean they were dead thieves?


Narrator:         They weren’t thieves at all, they were Godly men who had already died and gone to heaven.


Gramps:         You mean some dead guys just (snap fingers) showed up uninvited and all? 


Narrator:         Hmmm (Nods head) Moses and Elijah suddenly appeared next to



Gramps:         Just zapped out of nowhere huh?  Kind of like an X-File Episode.  Do, de, do do, do de, do, do (Hums Twilight Zone theme) Scarey! Whoa. I love that stuff.


Narrator:         Peter, one of the disciples even wanted to put up tents for the men.  Then a voice from heaven scared the disciples.  They fell to the ground and tried to hide. It said, “This is my Son, whom I love, with Him I am well pleased. Listen to Him!”   It was God the Father speaking about His Son, Jesus.


Gramps:         Wow, sort of a family reunion. 


Narrator:         But just as quickly as the men appeared, they soon disappeared.  They were gone.


Gramps:         Off course they were gone, sounds like they wanted some fish and pie to me – and you didn’t have any.  Some family reunion you planned. Without any food, I’m surprised anybody showed up.


Narrator:         Moses represented the Law or the Ten Commandments and Elijah represented the Prophets who predicted the Jesus’ birth.  Jesus is the fulfillment of the “Law and the Prophets.” Jesus told the disciples “Do not be afraid.”  Because of Jesus, we also do not have to be afraid.  He is God and He is with us always and someday we will all have a family reunion with Him in Heaven.


Gramps:         Well, maybe there’ll be fish and pie at that Family reunion!  Mmmm, you think there’ll be pie in heaven?  I do.  Maybe Chicken pie, or maybe Fish Pie, or maybe “pie squared”.  Yah get it?  Pi-squared.


Narrator:         Oh no, not again!  (Exits)


Gramps:         I just crack myself up.  Hey come back here I want to talk more about this “transfigured” stuff.  (Exits)


(Music up)