“Take Time”

A Celebration in Joy

Written & Developed by Glen Dawursk, Jr.





My God is a 24-hour God, is yours?


Many Christians don’t think so.  They think God is only around on Sunday morning or whenever a major tragedy arises.  But listen to what Jesus says to us in Matthew 28, verse 20, “And remember, I am with you always till the end of the world.”  Is that statement conditional?  Does Jesus say, “Only on Sundays?”  No, He clearly states ALWAYS!  That’s a promise from God Himself, and remember – God cannot lie.  (Titus 1:2)


God does have enough time for us.  In fact, all of God’s time is available to us, but few Christians take full advantage of this 24-hour service.  Why must we wait until some problem engulfs our lives before we take time for the Lord?  Why can’t we set time aside each day for a quiet time alone with our God?  God doesn’t want “lukewarm” Christians who come to church on Sunday but forget about Him the rest of the week. (Revelations 3:15, 16)  If we’re not maturing in the Lord daily, we’re dying!  God doesn’t let us to be on our knew 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but with over 160 hours in a week, surely we can spend more that an hour on Sunday.  Why if we would tithe 10% of the weekly time the Lord gives us, we would owe the Lord over two hours a day.  Let’s get our priorities straight.  Let’s start stepping out in faith (trust) and start taking more time for the Lord.  Don’t hesitate.  Do it now, because there isn’t much time left – the Lord is coming back soon.


“There is an appointed time for everything and a right time for everything we want to do under the sun …” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Take Time for Jesus.  He took the time to die on a cross for you.


Glen E. Dawursk, Jr.

December, 1978





A Celebration in Joy!


PROGRAM – Time Schedule

1:00 – Now!               Welcome and Synchronize Watches

2:00                            Time to “celebrate” – Songs

3:00:                           Time to get to know YOU, as God’s children! – Game

4:00:                           Time check – “Attitude Check” P.T.L.! – Songs



4:00:                           Time Out” Skits

                                                            #1        Prayer

                                                            Do we take time to remember Jesus?

                                                            #2        People

Do we take time to remember and care about others?

                         #3      Us – Words and actions

Do we take time to mean what we say or do? Do we take time for our own spiritual growth?

4:20                            Let’s Get our Time Together with God! – Explanation and song

4:30                            Time to Group – Questions

                                    A)  In each skit, what was each person’s priority?
     How did Jesus fit in?

                                    B)  What did they neglect to do?

                                    C)  Have we ever done this?

                                    D)  What should our priorities be? 
     Who should be first?  Second?  How do we fit in?

4:50                            Time In – JOY explanation




5:00                            Time to continue, “Celebrating” – Songs

6:00                            NOW – Time to Go! -  Prayer and Blessing

                                    “There is an appointed time for everything and a right time for everything we want to do under the sun …” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

                                    “The joy of the Lord is our strength!” (Nehemiah 8:10)

                                    “They gave themselves to the Lord first and then to us, doing just what the Lord wanted.” (II Corinthians 1:5b)



Leaders Guide

Detailed Description of Program


1:00 – NOW!             Welcome and Synchronize Watches


                                    Welcome to our celebration in Jesus’ name.  We’ve come to worship and praise, and especially to have fun doing it.  But before we can do that, we’ve got to get our thoughts on our purpose.  So let’s synchronize our thoughts.  What was the one reason God created us, and why does He continue to sustain us?  Why are we here?  To tell others about Jesus?  Not really.  We didn’t need a Savior until after Adam and Eve sinned.  God’s main purpose in creating us was to give glory to Him in all we do or say.  (Palm 145:10, 21)  That’s what God expects from His people.  Now that we have our thoughts on praise, let’s do just that.  Now we’re ready to celebrate!  So, keep your eyes on Jesus!


2:00                            Time to Celebrate – Songs


                                    There is a word in Scripture, which means the same thing in every language.  It’s Hallelujah!  It means simply, “Praise the Lord.”  Those words are used numerous times throughout the Psalms as well as, the rest of the Bible.  Let’s have a little fun praising the Lord together in the words of two easy songs “Hallelujah, Praise ye the Lord,” and “Praise the Lord Together.”


                                    (If you have any songs you feel would be better PRAISE songs, feel free to substitute them or add them to the program.)


3:00                            Time To Get To Know You As God’s Children – Icebreaker


                                    Jesus says to come to Him as children (Mk 10:13-16).  He doesn’t mean we are to regress back to our childhood, or stay “little” the rest of our lives.  He only wants us to be as open and uninhibited as children are – not afraid to say or do things adults consider childish.  While Jesus wants us to be reverent, He still wants us to be “uninhibited” or “free.”  He just wants us to look up to Him as His children, and honestly say, “Jesus, I love you!”  That’s all the Lord wants.  He loves us, and wants us to leave everything up to Him.  So, as Children of His Kingdom, and members of His forever family – let’s praise Him together.  Let’s break down our barriers of personal pride, and be children!  But first, let’s get to know the other “children” around you.  Let’s take time to meet each other.


                                    (Have everyone introduce themselves.  Maybe have them tell a color that best shows how they are feeling today.)


                                    Great, now “Children of the Kingdom,” we’re going to play a game.  It’s easy, and I want everyone to be free enough to participate when it’s your turn.  It’s called, “Darling, if you love me, won’t you please smile?”  The rules are simple.  A girl will start by walking over to any gentleman.  She will sit on his lap or knee, and say as dramatically as possible, “Darling, if you love me, won’t you please smile?”  If the girl can make the gentleman smile or laugh, she may sit down and the gentleman does it next.  If he doesn’t laugh or smile, then the girl must do it again until she finds someone who will laugh.  To make it even more interesting, substitute the person’s name for the word, “Darling” in the phrase.  (Don’t let the game go more than 10 or 15 minutes.  Keep an eye on the attention span of the group.  If you have any other “icebreakers,” feel free to substitute or add them to the program.)


4:00                            Time Check – Attitude Check - PTL


                                    Is everyone enjoying themselves so far?  I sure hope so.  As we said before, God created us to praise Him.  Therefore, our attitude in all things should be one of praise to God, right?  So, whenever I yell the words, “Attitude Check,” I want all of you to respond with what our attitude should be – Praise the Lord!  Let’s try it, ready?


                                    (Do it until everyone is free with the expression and the concept of our attitude being praise.)


                                    Let’s have a little more fun by singing some children’s songs.  What better way to come to Jesus as a child then in song!  Let’s sing, “This Little Gospel Light of Mine” and “If You’re Saved and You Know It clap your hands,” Don’t be afraid to do the motions.  Let’s sing!


4:01                            Time Out – Skits


                                    Let’s stop.  Not everyone can give praise to the Lord.  Why?  Because they fail to have the JOY in their lives needed to praise.  Maybe someone here doesn’t have that JOY.  Watch the following three skits, and ask yourself truthfully the questions on your hand out.  We’ll talk about them later.


                                    (The skits are all done” Improvisational” and the following is an explanation of the plots and how to do them.  The parts should be given out with ample amount of time for the people to prepare their parts -- use all ages for the skits.)






Definition:                Given a situation or basic plot, the actor or actress must create the dialogue and movement as the scene is played out.


Rules:                        1.  Concentrate and think creatively on your feet but…

                                    2.  Keep within the boundaries of the situation and character.

                                    3.  Don’t be afraid to exaggerate the part.

                                    4.  You have about five minutes to prepare your skit, and

                                    5.  Speak loud enough for everyone to hear you.  Have FUN.


                                    (In this situation, it would be best to have the skits prepared and ready for presentation prior to the rally.)


Purpose:                   1.  To free youth and adults of inner inhibitions

                                    2.  To open youth and adults up for free expression and creativity

                                    3.  To promote and encourage imagination and brainstorming

                                    4.  To use as another technique for spiritual renewal and growth.




Take Time: SKIT 1


Number of characters possible:                    Indefinite


Key characters:                                               Jesus:  male or female


Scene:                                                              Starts at home


Plot:                            The alarm clock rings.  It’s time to start the day.  The person crawls out of bed only to see that the clock is wrong, and he is late for his first appointment (school, work, etc.).  (Why not make a human alarm clock?) 


                                    Jesus, standing near the bed, says, “Why don’t you start the day with a prayer to me?”  The person goes through the entire day having problems and overall grief.  Throughout the day, Jesus follows the person trying to encourage the person to take time to pray to Him.  When the person finally gets back home from a completely rotten day, he crawls into bed.  He then feels obligated to pray, “Well, I guess I better pray.”  His prayer should go something like this:

                                    Dear God, where were you?  I really needed you today.  I had the worst day of my life, and you weren’t anywhere to be found.  I sure could have used your help.  Thanks a lot, Lord.  Where were you?


Jesus should respond by saying, “But I was here!”


The scene should freeze as another person steps out on the stage and reads the following:  God says, “Call upon me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver you, and you shall praise me.”

(Psalm 50:15)





Adapted by Glen Dawursk, Jr. / www.yuthguy.com





Take Time: SKIT 2


Number of possible characters:                  Indefinite


Key characters:                                             Husband, wife (or two roommates), and three guests


Scene:                                                            At home, or in the dorm room


Plot:                The house is a royal mess, with trash thrown everywhere. 

The husband sits watching television, possibly drinking a beer when the phone rings.  The wife goes to answer it, only to find out it is Jesus “Oh, my God.  I mean, I’m sorry!”  Jesus is coming over to their house sometime that very afternoon.  As she hangs the phone receiver up, she attempts to tell her husband about the phone call.  When he finally believes her, they decide that it would be nice if they would clean their house up for their special guest.


They begin to clean the house when someone knocks at the door.  The husband goes to answer it.  It is one of the three visitors coming with a problem (make one up – I was just hit by a Mac truck.  I’m really hurt bad, I’m selling Girl Scout cookies…. Or I’m lost, and I can’t find my way back home.  These are just examples; try to make one of your own.)  The husband doesn’t have time, because a “very special guest is coming over.”  Hey, I’m really sorry, but I just can’t help you right now, why not try the neighbors.  Hey, God blesses you, and good luck.”  SLAM DOOR!  Go back to cleaning the house.


Someone knocks on the door again.  It’s another visitor with a problem.  The wife can take this one, and the husband the third one.  After the third visitor has left, one of the two should suggest putting an open Bible on the table for Jesus to see.  But there is one problem; neither of the two knows where the Bible is.  After a brief search, they find the Bible hidden somewhere full of dust.  They blow the dust off, and begin to cough and chock.  The husband may suggest turning it open to a favorite verse.  The two can begin rattling off chapter names such as:  II Tiger 3:5, Herbert 5:12, Hezekiah 1, the book of Contents, III Thessalonians 3:9, and Maps.


They finally resort to looking on the page where an old Sunday school book mark or Baptismal certificate was placed.  One of the two should read the passage from Matthew 25:37-40.  After a brief pause, the other one responds to the passage by saying, Ya know, I think He’s been here already.  THREE TIMES”



Adapted by Glen Dawursk, Jr. / www.yuthguy.com


Take Time: SKIT 3

Number of possible characters:      Indefinite

Key characters:                                 Mother, little boy or girl, Jesus

Scene:                                                Home, kitchen table


Plot:                Everyone is preoccupied in a different section of the house. 

Dad could be watching a football game on television; the little boy or girl coloring in a book; a big brother working on his car; etc., when Mother calls everyone to the kitchen table for dinner.  Among several complaints, the family all gathers around the table to eat.  Just as the family is about to “dig in,” mother reminds them to say their prayers.  Stubbornly everyone folds their hands, closes their eyes, bows their head, and then recites the common table prayer as fast as they can.  Only the little boy or girl tries to say it slow, but stops when everyone else finishes.

The common table prayer – Come Lord Jesus be our guest, and let they gifts to us be blest.  Amen

After the “prayer” race is over, everyone begins to eat.  Everyone should “dig in” at once creating a mass hysteria at the center of the table.  One by one, each person at the table except for the little boy or girl, should make an excuse of why they cannot finish dinner.  Example;

“Hey, I’m sorry, Honey, but I’ve got to finish watching the football game.  The Packers are winning.  I just can’t miss it!”

“Mom, I’ve got a date with a real hunk, and so I’ve got, got to get ready.”

Everyone should go back to their original places.  The little girl or boy is still sitting at the table when Mother says, “It’s okay, you just go ahead and finish dinner.”  The little boy or girl stops and thinks for a moment, then begins to recite the common table prayer again, only this time slowly with meaning.  As this is begin done, everyone in the background should freeze.  All through the skit, the person playing Jesus should be observing everything taking place.  He or she should be disappointed when the family says the prayer.  When the little girl or boy says the prayer again, Jesus should walk over at the end of the prayer, and sit next to the child.  At this point, Jesus and the child should stop all movement just as the rest of the cast has.  Someone from off stage reads Matthew 7:21.



Adapted by Glen Dawursk, Jr. / www.yuthguy.com


4:00                            Let’s Get Our Time Together With God’s!


In skit one, do we take time to remember Him – Jesus, in prayer or Bible study?

In skit two, do we take time to remember and care about others?  How about those in our forever family – the church?

In skit three, do we take time to mean what we say and do?  Are we too much in a hurry to really take time to strengthen our Christian faith, or exercise it?

God wants and expects us to praise Him, but how can we praise Him if we keep forgetting to take time for Him?  How can we have a meaningful relationship with a God who loves us if we keep putting our God at the bottom of our priorities?  God took enough time to send His only Son, Jesus, to suffer and die on a cross for our sin so we could spend eternity in Heaven.  Jesus continues to take time enough for us, why can’t we seem to take enough time out of our busy schedules for Him?  Let’s think awhile about our own lives.  What are your priorities?  Where does the Lord fit in?  Where do your children, brother and sister, wife or mom and dad fit in?  How about your friends or enemies?  Where are you?

(You could sing a song here.  “Wedding Banquet” is a good song It talks about “I cannot come” and why.)


4:20                Time to Group


Let’s break up into groups now.  Each of you should be wearing a name tag with an animal’s name written in the far right corner.  When I give you the signal, I want you to make the noise of that animal, and try to get into groups.  Listen close to other animals so you can all get together quickly.  No talking is allowed!  Ready, go!  (Give time for the groups to form.  If anyone needs help, feel free to assist them.  Have fun!)

Okay, now that we are into groups, please sit down where you are, re-introduce yourselves to the group members, and then answer the questions on the handout.

(After everyone is finished, regroup, and ask the questions to the entire group.)

1. in each skit, what was each person’s number one priority?

#1        Get the day over.  He was more concerned about himself.

#2        Get the house cleaned.  They were more worried about their personal pride, then about others.  They were more concerned about themselves.

#3        Get done with the meal.  They wanted to get back to their own projects.  They were more interested in their time, than God’s.  They were more interested in themselves.

2.  What did they neglect to do?

#1        Take time for a talk with Jesus in prayer.

#2        Take time for others.

#3        Take time for their own spiritual food.  Just as we need

physical food for our bodies, we also need spiritual food for our faith to grow.

3.  Have we ever done any of these? 


4.      What should our priorities be? 

Who should be first in our lives? 




5. Who should be second? 


Others.  This includes family, friend and enemies.


5.      Who should be last?  How do we fit in? 


We should be last.


4:00                                        Time In – Joy Explanation


The Bible says that in our weaknesses, God will make us strong. (II Corinthians 12:7-10).  For us to be strong in the Lord, we first must have our priorities straight.  Jesus suffered and died on a cross to give us new life and joy within our lives.  He made it possible for us to live eternally in Heaven, therefore, He deserves first place in our lives.  The rest of the world should be second, and our own sinful flesh last (a good example of this from Scripture is II Corinthians 8:2-5).  If we put this order of priorities into practice, our lives will be strong for the Lord.


Remember it this way:          JJesus first

                                                O Others second, and

                                                YYourself last.


J-O-Y, Joy, that’s praise and that’s strength.  Remember, the Bible says that the JOY of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10), and that’s a promise.  (God can’t lie, He always keeps His promises – Titus 1:2) Let’s pray.


God, Father, Creator, we thank you for praise and the power it can hold within our lives.  We thank you for the Joy it can bring when we know you are our strength.  Create in us a desire to take time for you daily and to make you first in our lives, others second, and our own sinful flesh last.  Keep us in your Joy all our lives, until we experience it forever in Heaven.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!   


5:00                                        Time to continue “Celebrating”

When we have our relationship right on time with God, then we can continue to “celebrate.”  Let’s continue to sing our praises to God in the words of two more songs, “Pass It On” and “The Lord’s Prayer.”

(If these songs are unfamiliar, pick one or two songs, which are of a quiet, praiseful nature, in which everyone could sing along.  The doxology is one everyone should know.)


6:00                                        Time to go.  NOW!

Close with a circle prayer celebrating God’s goodness.  Praise Him in a one or two sentence prayer.

BLESSING – Begin with an Attitude Check (Praise the Lord).

Let’s step out in faith (trust) today, and put the Lord first in our life.  No more putting Him in the back seat when He deserves to be the driver.  Pray for His guidance and strength through our daily living so that He can have complete control.  As you leave tonight, take time to wish the Lord’s blessings on another member, another child in the Lord’s forever family.  May the Lord continue to bless each on of us.  God in peace!

“There is an appointed time for everything and a right time for everything we want to do under the sun …” Ecclesiastes. 3:1

“The Joy of the Lord is our strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

“They gave themselves to the Lord first and then to us, doing just what the Lord wanted.” II Corinthians 8:5b


Some Suggestions…


TAKE TIME can be used as a rally for local churches and is designed specifically to allow 25-50 people of all ages to participate.  It is excellent for a youth group meeting as a special topic study or as a happening for a weekend retreat.  The first time I presented TAKE TIME was for a church in Ellsworth, Kansas.  About thirty people showed up for the rally, of which only six were youth.  It surprised me when the adults said they enjoyed the program as much as the young people.  The way I normally prepare the program is by arranging a workshop afternoon with the youth of the local congregation.  I have them work through the plays on their own, and explain how they fit into the overall program.  We work on a few songs and pray a lot.  The rest is up to the Lord.   The congregation should know about TAKE TIME far in advance, therefore, publicity is very important.  In the past, a potluck dinner, open to the entire congregation was held prior to the presentation.

TAKE TIME, I find, is done best in a ¾ round.  This allows people to see the actions of the skits better; breaks down the barriers between the actors and the audience; and especially makes for a more “free” atmosphere.  TAKE TIME requires a leader; someone who loves the Lord, and whose enthusiasm in contagious.  He should be well prepared and comfortable with the text, but not have it memorized.  There is nothing wrong with using the notes.  A pastor, DCE, or youth counselor is a good candidate.  If no one is interested in leading TAKE TIME, then split the narration with several of the youth or adults of your congregation.  For better participation in singing, it is best to have a guitarist or pianist and a few lead singers to help the people get started.

Finally, I feel it is important to realize that TAKE TIME is not something extra special.  It can’t guarantee any miracles.  It is just another tool for the Holy Spirit to use to the Glory of God.  Remember two things throughout the entire program: one -“It isn’t you speaking but your Father’s Spirit speaking through you” and two – “All things turn out for good to them that love the Lord.”  Trust Him and it will be great!