A Readers Theatre Script for Christmas


Written By: Glen E. Dawursk, Jr.



November 1979, Re-developed October 1983





Advent is the celebration of Jesus “coming” three times in the lives of His people.  He comes first as the baby at Bethlehem, whom angels praised, and the shepherds adored.  He comes secondly within our daily life when we experience Jesus’ presence given to us at our Spiritual rebirth at Baptism; and finally, we await Jesus’ “second coming to earth”, when He will be the final Judge and proclaim His victory to all the world.  Maranatha, He is coming back soon! (I Corinthians. 16:22)


Jesus’ Advent is given new meaning and life when we see it as a “visual” experience.  “New Hope” portrays Christian life as it is – a learning, growing experience.  Too often people expect their lives to be full of smiles everyday now that they are a Christian.  New Hope attempts to show some problems Christians have in growing.  New Hope gives sound advice on how to solve them. – Always through Jesus, for He is the answer to all problems!


Each “situation” in New Hope is written to follow the Epistle Lesson for each Sunday in Advent and Christmas according to the Old Lutheran Hymnal.


The situations are presented as sanctification lessons; and therefore, should be tools for spiritual growth of existing Christians.  Justification, with the saving Gospel message, is the basis for sanctification; and therefore, New Hope does present briefly the justification message.  But remember, God’s Christmas message is not just that Jesus came, but rather, that He came with a purpose.  He came in love enough to suffer and die on a cross for all men, so that all men can experience eternal love, joy, and peace in Heaven.  That’s Gospel.  That’s justification.  That’s the real meaning of CHRISTmas!  Let’s keep it that way.


Glen Dawursk, Jr.


PS:  There is also a power point presentation made to synchronize with this production and also a short theme song for the intro and exit to the production.  Contact me if you are interested in either.  Listen to the New Hope song in wav file format here.





(Stage is dark.  Readers are seated on stools in a semi-circle.  
They are dressed in either purple of black.  Song “
New Hope begins.)


Reader 1:       In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.


Reader 2:       No form.


Reader 3:       No purpose.


Reader 4:       No sin.


Readers:        NO LIGHT!


Reader 1:       In the beginning was the Word.  And nothing existed.


Reader 2:       No form.


Reader 3:       No purpose.


Reader 4:       No sin.


Readers:        NO LIGHT!


Reader 1:       And God said let there be light! (Lights fade on brightly)


Reader 2:       And it was good!


Reader 3:       Very Good!


Reader 4:       No sin.


Readers:        JUST LIGHT!


Reader 1:       And God created man in His own image.


Reader 2:       And man was good!


Reader 3:       Perfect!


Reader 4:       No sin.


Readers:        JUST LIGHT!


Reader 1:       But man chose to doubt … to suffer … to die.


(All readers say “sin” as reader 1 talks above.  Grow in volume until final “SIN”!)


Reader 1:       Man chose to …


Readers:        SIN! (Lights go out)


Reader 2:       No life.


Reader 3:       No purpose.


Reader 4:       No one.


Readers:        NO LIGHT!


Reader 1:       But the Word was God and dwelt among us full of grace and truth.


(In an echo effect …)


Reader 2:       Full of grace and truth.


Reader 3:       grace and truth.


Reader 4:       truth.


Readers:        JESUS!


Reader 1:       But take up the weapons of the Lord Jesus Christ, and stop giving attention to your sinful nature, to satisfy its desires.




(Lights fade up.)


Reader 4:       Well, the movies over, time for you two to go to bed.


Reader 2&3:  Oh, Mom, do we have to?


Reader 1:       You heard what your Mother said!


Reader 4:       It’s getting close to Christmas, and you both know what that means.


Reader 3:       (reluctantly) Yeah, we know.


Reader 2:       Be good, or Santa Claus won’t come to our house.


Reader 4:       That’s right, now get to bed.  And don’t forget to say your prayers!


Reader 3:       Ya know, Sally, I’m not going to be good just because Santa Clause.


Reader 2:       (surprised) You’re not?


Reader 3:       Nope!  Jesus came at Christmas, and I’m going to be good for Jesus.


Reader 2:       How come?


Reader 3:       Well, we learned in Sunday school that Jesus was always good.


Reader 2:       He was?


Reader 3:       Yep! And, and, I want to be just like Jesus!


Reader 2:       But why?


Reader 3:       Well, that way Dad won’t yell at me anymore!


Reader 1:       (angrily) Will you two get to bed!


Reader 2:       (frightened) I think I’ll be good for Jesus too!


(Lights fade)





Reader 1:       Darkness.


Reader 2:       Sin.


Reader 3:       No light.


Reader 4:       No life.


Reader 1:       And God said, “let there be light!” (Light candle on wreath)


Reader 2:       And He was good!


Reader 3:       And He was perfect!


Reader 4:       And He was hope!


Readers:        And He was LIGHT!


Reader 2:       Accept on another, then, for the glory of God, as Christ has accepted you.





(Lights fade up)


Reader 3:       (excited) Dad, Dad, guess what happened!  The Beavers made me a member of the team.


Reader 1:       The what team?


Reader 3:       The Beavers, Dad.  You know, the pee-wee basketball team Jimmy’s dad started.  He’s the coach!


Reader 1:       Oh, I see.  Well, I’m proud of you son!


Reader 3:       Boy, is this going to be neat.  I’m so excited; I can’t wait for the first game!


Reader 1:       That’s great, son.  Did anyone else I know make the team?


Reader 3:       Yeah, but nobody important … (pause, discouraged) I don’t know why the coach chose Dave Morton; he’s no good.  Why, he’s still a baby!  He still dribbles the ball with two hands.  He shouldn’t be on the team!


Reader 1:       Now, Billy, I’m disappointed with your attitude.  After all, Dave Morton was just like you.


Reader 3:       He was? How?


Reader 1:       At first neither of you were on the team.  You both were nothing; but because the coach of the Beavers accepted you, just as good or bad as you are, you made the team.  Now, maybe it’s true that Dave can’t dribble very well …


Reader 3:       (interrupting) That’s for sure!


Reader 1:       but what about the way you free throw?


Reader 3:       Oh, Oh!


Reader 1:       Do any of the other boys throw the ball from between their legs?


Reader 3:       Well, I guess not!


Reader 1:       You see, Billy, we all have our weaknesses as well as our own strengths, and maybe we aren’t as good as we want to be; but in any case, your coach accepted you just as you were.  He knew your strengths and weaknesses – but still accepted you because He wanted you!


Reader 3:       Well, maybe; but what about Dave?


Reader 1:       In the same way as your coach accepts you, He accepts Dave Morton.  Therefore, Billy, you should accept Dave as a fellow teammate no matter how different he may be from you.  Follow your coach’s example!  Trust your coach!


Reader 3:       Yeah, I guess you’re right, Dad; but what should I do now?


Reader 1:       Why not talk to your coach first about it.  He can help you two to get along better.  Just tell Him the problem.  I’m sure He has the answer.


Reader 3:       Okay, thanks, Dad! (Pause) You know, Dad, I guess there’s a lot more to the Coach’s team, than just playing the game.




(Lights fade as readers talk in echo effect)


Reader 2:       I guess there is.


Reader 4:       I guess there is.


Reader 3:       I know there is.


Reader 1:       God says it; I believe it; that settles it!  (Blow out candle)


Reader 2:       But it’s so dark.  We need some light!


Reader 3:       Where is the light?


Reader 4:       No form.


Reader 1:       No purpose.


Reader 3:       No light.


(As reader speaks, group says “sin” growing in volume)


Reader 2:       But I had form.  I had purpose.  I had the light.  Where is the Light?  Why have I lost the light?


Readers:        SIN.


Reader 2:       (cry) Why have you taken the Light?


Reader 1:       So you should not pass judgment on anyone before the right time comes.  Final judgment must wait until the Lord comes; He will bring to light the dark secrets and expose the hidden purposes of men’s hearts.


Reader 3:       And then every man will receive from God the praise he deserves.


Reader 2:       (cry) But I’m so guilty!


Reader 3:       Guilty!


Reader 4:       Guilty!


Reader 1:       Guilty!


(As mallet is slammed)


Readers:        GUILTY!




(Lights fade up)


Reader 2:       Mommy, Mommy, Billy took Herbie my Teddy Bear again; and he won’t tell me where he hid it!


Reader 4:       Billy, is this true?


Reader 3:       No! I didn’t take her dumb teddy bear.  Maybe Herbie ran away by himself.


Reader 2:       No he didn’t!  YOU took him.


Reader 3:       I didn’t touch your dumb teddy bear.


Reader 2:       Yes you did.  Yes you did.  I know you did!


Reader 4:       How do you know Billy took Herbie, Sally?


Reader 2:       He always takes my things and hides them.


Reader 4:       Does that mean he did it this time?


Reader 2:       Well, I… (Reluctantly)  I don’t know.


Reader 1:       Ring – ring ring ring – Ring (continue until reader 2 finishes next line)


Reader 4:       I’ll be right back.  I have to answer the phone – so, sit down and no arguing!


(Readers 2 and 3 turn away from stage center.  They should gradually make faces to audience center (focal point) as if making them at each other.  After a few times, they should suddenly turn to focal point and say the next two lines (*) simultaneously.)


Reader 2:       You did, you did, you did! *


Reader 3:       Did not, did not, did not!*


Reader 2:       Your nose is going to get real long; you wait!


Reader 3:       Yours already is!


Reader 4:       Sally, that was Mrs. Morton.  It seems you left your teddy bear over at their house the last time you played with her daughter, Susie.


Reader 2:       Oh, oh.


Reader 3:       Told ya!


Reader 2:       Ah, thanks Mom!  I got to go clean my room!


Reader 4:       Hold it – stop right there.  Don’t you think you should say you’re sorry to Billy?


Reader 2:       (pause, then reluctantly) Do I have to?


(All readers nod their heads “yes”)


                        I’m sorry, Billy, I thought you took my teddy bear.


Reader 4:       You see, Sally, we shouldn’t always he ready to blame someone else.  Often times I too get angry and want to blame someone before I know if that person really did something wrong.  But I know that that’s not right.  When Jesus was on the cross, He didn’t blame anyone.  Instead, Jesus loved everyone.  Just like Jesus, we should not judge others.


Reader 2:       I guess you’re right, Mom.  You know what, Mom?


Reader 4:       What, Sally?


Reader 2:       Instead of blaming Billy the next time I lose my teddy bear, I think I’ll ask Jesus to help me find it!


Reader 4:       That’s a good idea, Sally, and I’ll bet you’ll find it, too.


Reader 2:       I know I will.





(Lights fade during echo effect)


Reader 1:       I know I will.


Reader 3:       I will!


Reader 4:       I will!


Reader 2:       (angrily) I won’t!


Reader 1:       In the beginning God created …


Reader 2:       I won’t


Reader 3:       In the beginning was the Word …


Reader 2:       I won’t!


Reader 4:       Before anything else existed, there was Christ with God.  He has always been alive and Himself is God.


Reader 2:       I won’t!


Reader 4:       He created everything there is – nothing exists that He didn’t make.


Reader 2:       I won’t!


(Other readers chant “sin”)


Reader 1:       But although He made the world, the world didn’t recognize Him when He came!


Reader 2:       I won’t!  I don’t care!  I won’t!


Readers:        GUILTY!  (Mallet slams)


Reader 2:       (yell) NO!  (Cry) It’s so dark.  I need the Light!  Where is the Light?


Reader 1:       Talk.


Reader 3:       Ask.


Reader 4:       Pray


Reader 2:       Oh, God, I need the Light!  We need the Light!


Readers:        We need the Light!


Reader 1:       Let everyone see that you are unselfish in all you do.


Reader 3:       We need the Light!


Reader 1:       Let everyone see that you are unselfish in all you do.


Reader 3:       We need the Light!


Reader 1:       Don’t worry about anything; instead…


Reader 2:       Talk.


Reader 3:       Ask.


Reader 4:       Pray.


Reader 1:       Tell God your needs!


Reader 2:       (cry) God, we need your Light!




(Lights fade up)


Reader 1:       I’ll check and see if Billy is in bed yet, dear.


Reader 3:       (praying) …and also, don’t forget, God, that Christmas is real close – so please give me that new bike I want, the one with the horn.  It doesn’t matter what color, (pause) but, if it’s okay, I’d like it to be green … and, if you could, …please can I have a new baseball glove – one like the real baseball players; and a bat; and a ball; and a …(pause) well, God, I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow night.  Good night God!  Amen.


Oh, hi Dad.


Reader 1:       Hi, Billy, I heard you praying.


Reader 3:       (excited) Yeah, I was telling God all the things I want for Christmas.


Reader 1:       You want lots of things for Christmas, don’t you Billy?


Reader 3:       I sure do, Dad!


Reader 1:       Billy, I want to ask you a question.  Why do we get presents at Christmas?


Reader 3:       I don’t know, I guess because we’re supposed to?  Huh?


Reader 1:       Well, Billy, that’s the answer many people would give.  Many people think we are supposed to GET presents at Christmas.  They expect them.  But is that the real reason for Christmas, to get presents?


Reader 3:       Well, I guess not.


Reader 1:       You see, Billy, Christmas is a time for giving not getting.  God gave each of us the greatest present ever – His only son, Jesus, and He wants us to share His gift with others.  We should follow God’s example to give rather than get!


Reader 3:       Yeah, Dad, I guess you’re right.  I should thank God for giving Jesus to me and all the world, and not worry about what I get.


Reader 1:       That’s a good idea, son.


Reader 3:       Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus.  Thank you for giving Him to everyone.  Help me to give more and expect less, and teach me to thank you when I get.  Thanks God! Amen.


Reader 1:       Good night, Billy.


Reader 3:       Good night, Dad, and thank you.


Reader 1:       Just remember to thank the Lord, son, thank the Lord.




(Lights fade out as mallet slams)


Readers:        GUILTY!


Reader 2:       And they didn’t recognize Him when He came.


Reader 3:       And they nailed Him to a tree.  (Mallet continues to slam)


Reader 1:       We nailed Him to a tree!


Reader 2:       I nailed Him to a tree!


Reader 3:       He’s dead!


Reader 2:       Oh no, I killed Him. (Cry) I killed the Light.  Oh, it’s so dark.  Help me.  Help me.


(All readers chant “sin”)


                        I can’t see.  I can’t see.  Help me.  I need help.  Help me.  I need light!  (Yell) SAVE ME!


(Chants and mallet stop abruptly at “save me.”)


(One by one a candle on the wreath is lit)


                        God, I’m so sorry.  I put out the Light!


Reader 1:       For God has revealed His grace for salvation to all men.


Reader 3:       A child will be born for us, a son will be given to us, and the government will be upon His shoulder, and He will be called …


Reader 1:       Wonderful!


Reader 4:       Counselor!


Reader 2:       Mighty God!


Reader 3:       Everlasting Father!


Reader 4:       Prince of Peace!


Reader 1:       In the beginning God created the world …


Reader 3:       And God gave Light to the world …


Reader 4:       The Light of the world …


Readers:        Jesus!




(Lights fade up)


Reader 1:       Time for family devotions, kids; everyone to the kitchen table.


Reader 3:       Devotions on Christmas?  When are we going to open the presents?


Reader 2:       Why not have devotions; it’s Jesus’ day, isn’t it?


Reader 3:       Yeah, I guess every day is.


Reader 1:       Mother, will you read the Bible verse for today?


Reader 4:       Sure I will.  The Bible reading is from John one verse ten.   “But although He made the world, the world didn’t recognize Him when he came.”


Reader 1:       Thank you Mother.  Here’s today’s devotion.


                        Where have we lost the manger scene?  Where are the angels singing praises to god?  As we look to the baby Jesus, we see the love He pours out to each one of us.  We become mirrors, which reflect that love.  We are His messengers proclaiming “Glory to God in the Highest!  We are the wise men who still seek Him!  We are the shepherds showing the true meaning of Christmas in the love we share with others.


                        As Christmas draws closer, it becomes harder to recognize that baby Jesus among all the world’s commercialism and ignorance.  God gave us the world’s greatest Christmas gift – but we fail to open it!  Let’s turn our eyes on Jesus this Christmas, for only then can we experience true “Peace on earth” and “Goodwill toward men.”


                        Sally, will you say the prayer?


Reader 2:       Dear Jesus, thank you for coming – come everyday!  Bless Christmas Jesus.  Thank you. Amen.


Readers:        Amen!


(Lights fade out)





Reader 4:       Amen.  It shall be so!


Reader 3:       Amen.  We have NEW HOPE in Jesus!


Reader 2:       Amen.  The darkness has gone!


Reader 1:       Amen.  The Light has come!


Readers:        THE LIGHT HAS COME!     AMEN!


(Song begins “New Hope” as lights fade)






+++ The End +++