A Heart Felt Play

Written By Glen Dawursk, Jr.,



A play about a live television program originating from the hearts of a Christian and a anon-Christian based on I John 4:9-11.


“God has shown us His love by sending His only begotten Son into the world for us to live through Him.  This is (AGAPE) love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His son to pay for our sins.  Dear friends, if that’s how God loved us, then we should love one another.”




Stage Hand:                  Can be played by the same person who plays Roger Muck if necessary.


Walter Concrete:          Host reporter for the television show, “YOU ARE THERE!”


Agape Foreman:           A worker in the Agape manufacturing section of a Christian’s heart.


Roger Muck:                A roaming reporter who explores within the heart of a non-Christian.


Sin (Sinny):                   The owner and only occupant of the non-Christian’s heart. 
May be portrayed by a male or female.





Have the person portraying Walter Concrete introduce the play.  He should tell the audience to sing the Dragnet theme, (“Dumb, Da, Dumb, Dumb – Dumb!”) whenever they hear the words, “YOU ARE THERE!”  Be sure to practice it once with the audience before the play begins.  This will loosen up the group and break down any barriers between the performers and the group and break down any barriers between the performers and the audience.  Also, remember to exaggerate your parts.  Don’t be afraid to be a “fool for Jesus!”  (Paul wasn’t- I Corinthians 4:10 – just have fun!) – Glen




When play begins, Walter Concrete is straightening clothes before an imaginary camera.  Props needed include a fake microphone, and a clipboard for each reporter and two small pieces of wood for the stagehand.


Walter Concrete -                    Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.  This is your special event reporter, Walter Concrete.  I’m about to explore briefly the heart of a Christian . . . and YOU ARE THERE!


                                                (Off stage, two or three people hum the “DRAGNET” theme – “Dumb Da Dumb Dumb --- Dumb!”)


We’re standing in the upper chambers of the heart right now . . .


(The Agape foreman wearing white passes directly in front of Walter.)


Pardon me, sir, but …


Agape Foreman:                       Who me? (Interrupting)


Walter Concrete:                      we’re on national TV.  Could you please explain what this section of the heart is used for?


Agape Foreman:                       Ah, yes, this section is the “AGAPE MANUFACTURING ROOMS.”  Here all the affections this Christian gives, … well, they’re made here.


Walter Concrete:                      What exactly is Agape Love?


Agape Foreman:                       Well, Agape Love is undeserved love.  No strings attached.  It’s heartfelt and expects nothing in return.


Walter Concrete:                      I see, what exactly IS the procedure for manufacturing this love? – I mean what’s the major ingredient?


Agape Foreman:                       Well, the basic product used in the manufacturing of this “love” is a special ingredient furnished by G.O.D.  Incorporated.


Walter Concrete:                      Is it costly?


Agape Foreman:                       Absolutely NOT – It’s free.


Walter Concrete:                      Wow, that’s tremendous.  Is this ingredient available free for all people?


Agape Foreman:                       Sure IS, in fact, it was meant to be shared.


Walter Concrete:                      What exactly is the name of this special ingredient?


Agape Foreman:                       Jesus Christ – that’s the only one, there is NO substitute!  He is G.O.D.’s Agape Love to ALL PEOPLE.


Walter Concrete:                      Thank you very much – now, we switch you to our roaming reporter, Roger Muck, who’s inside the heart of a Non-Christian.  Roger?  (Silence)  Roger? – I’m sorry, we seem to be having a little trouble getting into the heart of the non-Christian. – Please stand by –


Roger Muck:                            Walter, sorry for the delayed broadcast. – Reception is extremely hard in here.  As you can vaguely see on your television screens, there is little movement here.  It’s basically cold and extremely dark everywhere around here.  It seems to be completely empty.  I’ll make an attempt to find someone.  (Walks into a man (SIN) dressed in black sleeping and snoring on the floor).  EXCUSE ME, SIR, May I bother you for a second?


Sin:                                           Will you just leave me alone?  Just GO-AWAY!  Huh?  Bug off, I have no time for such nonsense.


Roger Muck:                            But Sir, we only want you to answer a few questions for our television audience.


Sin:                                           Who me?  On TV?  Well, it’s about time, what took you so long, after all I’m the greatest, TV personality that’s ever lived!


Roger Muck:                            What I was wondering is, how long have you lived here?


Sin:                                           Well, my name is Sinny.  My friends if I had any, would call me Sin.  I’ve been here since the beginning of this guy, but I didn’t take over the entire premises until he was about 18 or 19.  As soon as this guy with the cross moved out, I took complete ownership.


Roger Muck:                            How old is this non-Christian now?


Sin:                                           He’s about 46 or 47 now, I guess.


Roger Muck:                            Sir, where is the Agape manufacturing section in this heart?


Sin:                                           The WHAT?


Roger Muck:                            (louder) The “Agape manufacturing” section.  You know, for manufacturing undeserved love.


Sin:                                           Oh, that’s been out of order for years.  We have no use for it here.  We ran out of the special ingredient long ago –

Roger Muck:                            Oh, that’s too bad (pause and looks around) it sure is dark, and cold, and empty in here.


Sin:                                           -- Yeah, that’s the way it is when you’re out of that special ingredient – I guess Jesus Christ makes all the difference!


Roger Muck:                            I guess He does.  After all, Jesus loved us to His own death.  We didn’t deserve it, but Jesus suffered, and died on a cross because He loved us.  He payed – for our SIN and made heaven completely FREE!  Now we can live in love eternally.  Back to you, Walter …


Walter Concrete:                      Well, that’s our program tonight.  This is Walter Concrete…


Roger Muck:                            and Roger Muck saying…


Walter and Roger:                    Thank you, and Good night from YOU ARE THERE!


                                                (Melody – DRAGNET THEME- Dumb Da Dumb Dumb – Dumb)



QUESTIONS You Can Ask After the Production:


1.  What’s Agape love?


2.  How did Jesus show Agape love for US?


3.  Why can we love others?


4.  Would you be willing to show Agape love (undeserved love) to someone even if it

 meant dying for them?