Writing Rubrics

Mr. Dawursk



The purpose of any Composition course
is to mentor you throughout the
Writing Process:

·          Prewriting

·          Drafting

·          Revising

·          Editing

·          Publishing.




Your composition course offers you the structure for completing any paper.  Your written work should demonstrate and will be graded on the
6+1 Concepts Of Writing. 


They are:


Ø                  Ideas and Content
This is the “heart” of your writing.  It is your main idea, concept, purpose or story line.

Ø                  Organization
This is the internal structure of your paper – the logical sequence of your ideas.  It determines the form and flow your paper will take. 

Ø                  Voice
This is the “personality” of the writer in your paper -- the writer’s style, energy, sincerity and passion which gives the paper credibility and emotional appeal.

Ø                  Word Choice
This is your “use of words” in your paper.  It is your vocabulary, terminology and expressions.  It includes the use of: simile, metaphors, alliteration, powerful nouns, active “vivid” verbs, imagery, sensory images, poetic devices, mind movies,” concrete descriptions and technical vocabulary.

Ø                  Sentence Fluency
This is the flow, clarity, continuity, sound, and rhythm of the sentences. It is the use of variety and mixed-complexity of short and long sentences, differing sentence beginnings and endings and mutual support within the paragraph and paper.

Ø                  Conventions
This is the mechanics of the paper: grammar, penmanship, capitals, paragraph divisions, punctuation and spelling.

Ø                Presentation
This is how your “end product” looks.  It is making the paper have an overall professional look.  It is not settling for mediocrity but making it look the best


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