• Glen has given various original workshops across the Midwest: 


*      NEW!  Generations: The 4-B’s – an overview of the differences of the four generations currently affecting society and especially the church today: Builders (late 50’s & older), Boomers (late 30’s to mid 50’s), Busters (19 to mid 30’s) and Bridgers (18 and under).  Highlights how our churches minister predominately to the Builders and Boomers and our need to modify ministry to attract the Busters and Bridgers.  Based significantly on the book “Four Generations, One Church” by McIntosh.

*      NEW! The Lay Teacher’s Workshop – a 3 hour workshop for Sunday School teachers and Bible study leaders.  The workshop tests participants on a creative variation of the “True Colors” approach to the Meyers/Briggs personality assessment, then demonstrates the need for diversity in teaching styles.  The workshop includes an updated “Brains of the Bunch” presentation and an updated “Sunday School Scenarios” small group activity. Great for a pre-rally day training or a mid term review for lay staff.  Newly updated material as of 12/03.


q      M3 & Me **-- an overview of technology's influence upon youth.  This reality based 2-hour presentation leads to a discussion on the necessity of discernment in a youth's Christian walk. This presentation contains actual video and audio cuts from multiple Medias including video games, the internet, radio, music, movies and television.  The workshop has been featured at Lifest - Oshkosh, WI, Youth Encounter Youth Quakes, NWD Volunteer Teacher Conferences, State Youth Gatherings, LCMS North Wisconsin District Professional Church Workers Conference in Appleton, WI, and Concordia University, St. Paul, MN.


**Warning:  This presentation contains some material that may seem offensive.  All media presented is currently shown on primetime television or is available from mainstream commercial stores.  The purpose of the presentation is to encourage the need for spiritual discernment while making worldly choices.  It is recommended for youth grades 6-8 with a parent and high school age and up alone.



q      Eat Your P's -- a 3-hour participatory workshop about the seven foundations of an effective youth ministry. Through this interactive presentation, youth leaders will learn ways to start or improve their ministry.  Participants will be introduced to the "Powerful P's" and will learn the necessity of "thinking bigger" than the walls of your church.


q      The Brains of the Bunch -- a 60 to 90 minute "learning concepts and brain research" overview written for Sunday school teachers and youth Bible study leaders.  The presentation addresses the need for variety, use of multiple teaching styles, and how to deal with learning problems.  This interactive section includes real-life Sunday school scenarios and discussion.


q      Running with the Races -- a 60 minute interactive workshop on the need for diversity and understanding across cultures.  Through the use of four pictures, Glen demonstrates our need to evaluate others, not on how they look, but on who they are.  The discussion leads to Jesus’ interaction with Samaritans and our need to accept others no matter who they are.


q      Who Am I Anyway? – A look at the personality of individuals through a variation on the “True Colors” personality testing approach. Youth will be evaluated upon their responses to a list of personality criteria.  They will then create an amusement park with other youth who have a similar personality.  The participatory workshop will show youth their God created uniqueness, their need for each other, and how God can use all of us together for His church.


q      True Love Waits -- a teen workshop on relationships, sex and dating using a variety of material developed by Interlink, Focus on the Family, and Group.   The presentation compares infatuation to true love using scripture as the model and directs the youth toward a commitment of abstinence before marriage.  This presentation is best done as a weekend lock-in or multi-session Bible study. 

q      Nothing But Net -- a 60 minute on-line presentation about the use of the Internet technology for church workers and youth groups.


q      Glen’s Testimonial – of how he came to know His Savior, his baptism story, his Mom’s indirect influence, and his early struggles with His parents, family and friends.


  • He has also given other topical workshops and keynote presentations [examples]:


q      Gender Identity and Compassionate Youth Ministry-- both developed by Youth Builders and Dr. Jim Burns for national and regional presentations.  As a certified trainer for Youth Builders, Glen can also offer workshops prepared by this prominent youth worker organization.



Glen can also custom develop a talk or presentation
on any topic or theme you may have.