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For M3& Me Workshop:


These sites are offered only as resources for research. 
Content is neither authorized or recommended by or

A website dedicated to media’s influence on youth including A Literature Review of the Influences of the Media on Youth 


Policy Statement on Media Violence

from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatrics published online Oct 19, 2009  (


Policy Statement on the Impact of Music, Music Lyrics, and Music Videos on Children and Youth

from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatrics published online Oct 19, 2009; (


National Institute on Media & the Family
Free Family resources, Ideas for Educators, Research Library; “Media Wise” Reproducible flyer; KidScore: content based rating system for games, movies & TV


Plugged In Magazine
A variety of Media Reviews 


Interlinc Online
An excellent resource for youth workers desiring to offer CCM CDs and video as a reasonable cost


Additional “Media” Links: 
Articles/Websites on the Media’s Influence on Youth

Movie Reviews

·  Movie Reviews from Childcare Action Project

·        Parents Television Council: Movie and Video Game Reviews; Nightly Television Show Ratings

·        Movie Mom's Guide to Family Movies:  A parent’s guide to movies and parenting


·  A free filtering system available to eliminate pornography and other objectionable material on the net.

·        Safe Kids Online:  Excellent site for safe surfing on the internet

· Fight Porn Spam


· “Protecting Your Child in an X-Rated World” by Frank York & Jan LaRue:


·        Parent Media Group:  This site provides access to all of the media industries parental advisory systems.

·        The TV Parental Guidelines:  As furnished from the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board

Media Violence

·        TV and Film Violence

·        The Impact of Entertainment Media Violence on Children and Families: Program Materials

·        Violent Videos and Violent Video Games: Why do they cause violence and why do they sell?

·        Video Games and Aggressive Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior in the Laboratory and in Life -

·        National Television Violence Study

·        Children and Television Violence

·        Media Violence in Children's Lives - National Association for the Education of Young Children

·        Joint statement on the impact of entertainment violence on children - congressional public health summit (July 26, 2000)

·        Information about Violence on Television and what you can do -

·        What Goes In Must Come Out: Children's Media Violence Consumption at Home and Aggressive Behaviors at School

·        Hollywood Cleans Up Its Act: Changing Rates of Sex and Violence in Entertainment Media Conducted by The Center for Media and Public Affairs -

·        Sex and Violence Erases TV Advertising's Impact: ISU Study

·        Violence in the Media -

·        Mounting evidence links TV viewing to violence -

·        Violence on TV: The Desensitizing Of America

·        The Stanford Study: Less TV=Less Violence

·        Rage in the Media

·        The Effects of Media Violence on Society  - Science Magazine

·        Cutting TV, video game use can make kids less aggressive

·        Media Violence Policy -

·        AACAP joins Health Organizations' consensus on entertainment violence danger


·        Content Analysis of Teen Oriented Music

· Song Words

Other Research / Resources

·        A Validity Test of Movie, Television, and Video Game Ratings

·        MediaQuotientTM: National Survey of Family Media Habits, Knowledge, and Attitudes

·        Parents Rate the TV Ratings

·        A Normative Study of Family Media Habits


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For “Eat Your P’s” Workshop

v     Youth Builders  originally called the Institute for Youth Ministry, this site features youth and family resources many developed by Jim Burns and Mike DeVries

v       Youth Specialties - trains and equips Christian youth workers to minister more effectively. Includes seminars, conventions, creative resources, online job listings, and email forum.

v     LCMS DCS Youth Ministry - the official site for the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Youth Board

v      Group Magazine - Resources for youth leaders  

v      Youth Ministry Resources Galore  - Resources written by Ryan C.

v      Youth Ministry Online  - offering tapes, CDs, training kits, books, and games aimed at youth.

v      WorshipCom  - helps organizations, churches, and ministries establish an online ministry presence.

v     EGAD! Ideas  Youth Ministry Ideas, Games, And Activities -- All of these ideas have been tried and tested by those currently working in youth

v      Youth Ministry International  - An world-wide youth outreach ministry program

v      The Source for Youth Ministry  - Lots of free youth ministry stuff

v      ELCA Youth Ministries Web Site  - The official website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

v      Beyond Belief -  Josh McDowell's new campaign beyond Belief to Convictions will provide resources for those in Christian youth ministry to help ground youth in the faith.

v      Youth Encounter - evangelical and confessional Christian organization that offers youth ministry resources. Affiliated with the Lutheran church and serving all denominations.



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