Who is the YuthGuy?




The “YuthGuy” is Glen Dawursk, Jr.  


*      Mr. Dawursk is a creative, energetic and "on-fire" educator and youth leader whose focus in education and youth programming has stretched over 30 years. 

*      His extensive technology based background includes experience in radio, television, multi-media, computer, Next Generation education and Internet development. 

*      He has spoken across the country on technology's influences on our youth ("M3 & Me"), youth ministry development ("Eat Your P's" & “Generations”), and on the learning concepts of youth and children ("The Brains of the Bunch" and “True Colors”). 

*      In addition to being a licensed secondary educator and principal, Mr. Dawursk has written numerous technology-centered curriculums, original songs and plays, and various youth work articles.

*      Mr. Dawursk has a Master of Arts in Education and Administration, is a certified Director of Christian Education, and a KINDLE (Karpenko Institute for Nurturing and Developing Leadership Excellence) graduate.  He is DPI state certified as a secondary educator in #300 English, #320 Speech, #325 Theatre, and #51 Principal (k-12 administration), is a certified "on-line" educator, and is also PDP mentor authorized.

*      He is married to Donna (an ELL teacher in RUSD) and has five children: Amy (29), Sarah (26), David (20), Ben (18), and Matthew (4). 

*      He was the founder of Fisherman’s Festival in Milwaukee and Rainbow Valley Music Festival in Wausau, WI, has been a featured co-host on WCLQ-89Q in Wausau, WI and is a certified Youth Builders instructor (trained personally by Jim Burns).

*      Currently, Mr. Dawursk is a fulltime Assistant Principal at BOSCTE: Barack Obama School for Career and Technical Education, a K-12th grade Milwaukee Public School in Milwaukee, WI.  He is also a singer and guitar player in three contemporary Christian bands: the Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church "Praise Team (the Sunday morning worship band)," House of Worship (a prison music ministry), and Steadfast (a CCM festival or worship band playing original songs and CCM covers).  Glen is also the guest preacher at Divine Shepherd 5-6 times each year.



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Glen was given the “name” while co-hosting on WCLQ-89Q radio in Wausau, Wisconsin in the mid-90’s
At that time, they joked about him being “da yute guy.”  The name stuck and gradually people began referring to him as the “YuthGuy.”