††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Baptism Water Olympics

Created by Glen Dawursk, Jr. --www.yuthguy.com



There will be about 7-9 people on each team.The teams must choose people from their group for each competition.All members of the group must participate in at least one competition.


Points will be given for each competition as: 5 for first, 4 for second, and 3 for third and 1 for everyone else who participates.




      Water scrub: (One Person)

Each person is given a half-cup of water, a toothbrush and 3-5 painted pieces of plastic.The object is to clean the paint off the plastic pieces first.Water cups can NOT be refilled.


      Squirt Gun Bulls-Eye: (One Person)

Each person will get two individual squirts at a bulls-eye target.Practice squirts count.The closest person after the second round wins.


      Penny Drop: (One Person)

Each person will be given 4-5 pennies.Each will be dropped into a pickle jar filled with water.The object is to get the penny to land in the glass at the bottom of the jar.


      Squirt Gun Race: (One Person)

Each person is given a filled squirt gun.A twine is stretched across an area.On the twine is a key chain.The object is to be the first person to squirt the key chain to the other side.The players cannot move past the start line and squirt guns cannot be refilled.


      Water Balloon Toss: (Two People)

Two members from each team will toss a water balloon to each other at the direction of the ref.The farthest distance without popping determines the winner.Dropped balloons count as a loss.


      Water Relay: (Two People)

Two members from each team are given spoons.A cup of water and one team member is put at the start line and the second team member and an empty cup is at the end line.A piece of tape is stretched through the middle.The first and second team members meet in the middle.The first team member takes hi/her spoonful of water and pours it into the second team memberís spoon.The second person empties his/her spoon into the empty cup.The process continues until the timer buzzes.The team with the most water in the end cup wins.


      Water Bowling: (One Person)

A set of 3-5 empty milk cartons are at the end of a sheet of plastic.One member of each team will get three water balloon rolls to knock down the milk cartons.If the balloon pops, the throw is a gutter ball.Best score after the three rolls is the winner.