YuthGuy  Picture Pages


Glen’s three children: (1) Amy & Sarah at a Father-Daughter Dance (2) Amy & Dad near her college (3) Dave & Dad at a Brewers game (4) Amy & Dad at his high school’s prom.


A student shows off Glen’s classroom wall.



The staff at the high school where Glen is a principal.
He is fourth from the left.



Pictures from the 2007 LCMS National Youth Gathering where Glen and his room mate (1) Pastor Tom Harmon were Community Life Builders in charge of the evening Prayer and Praise time. 
(2) Glen can’t get a pick out of his guitar again.


Glen with Author John Fricke at the Wizard of Oz convention in Valparaiso, IN. John has written several books on OZ and has won an Emmy Award for a PBS special on Judy Garland.



Glen was the keynote workshop leader at the “Incredible Journey”
Junior High retreat at
Camp Sonshine in New York in 2005.


More pictures from Glen’s students
and candid shots from his classroom.



Glen and one of his youthworkers Barb Boerner of Hartland check out “Zoegirl in Green Bay, WI


Glen and his best friend Donna
at a New Years Eve party in 2005.



Glen Singing “Chicago” at Divine Redeemer’s Liberty express musical


Glen and his son David enjoying a coke in South Dakota



Glen and the 2002 two time Dove winners
“By the Tree” At Power of One in
Green Bay




Glen and his daughter visit with the band “Squirt” at
WCLQ 89Q Radio,
Weston, WI




Glen in the “Badlands” of South Dakota



Glen Singing “Allstar” at the 30th Anniversary
Celebration at Divine Redeemer



Glen’s KINDLE Cluster “The GI-Joes” at The Center for Development,

St. Mary’s on the Lake in Mundelein, IL



Glen plays guitar with fellow members of KINDLE: Karpenko Institute for Nurturing & Developing Leadership Excellence in Illinois





US Secretary of Health, Wisconsin Governor and 2007 Presidential Candidate Tommy Thompson with Glen and his daughters in 1999.



Members of SuperChic[k]” hang out with Glen at Power of One




Glen visits with one of the members of 4-HIM before a concert at the Wisconsin Valley Fair in Wausau, WI