The 10 Scenarios

Written by Glen Dawursk, Jr.,  May, 2002


Please do not duplicate or re-create this material without written permission.  Thanks.


Suggested use:  Divide the youth into small groups.  Have the youth prepare a skit which dramatizes the scenario.  Have the other youth then figure out which commandment is being tested or broken.


1st Commandment Scenario

Julie can't help herself.  She has seen every movie Leonardo DeCapprio has ever made.  She went out and spent $187.00 of her babysitting money to have the same dress worn by DeCapprio's girlfriend in "Titanic."  For that movie alone she paid $7.50 nine times just to see her movie star idol.  Her room is covered with his pictures and she dreams of going to Hollywood someday just to see his house.  However, when a person came to her door to collect for the New York victims' fund, she said, "no" because she was saving her money to buy the latest DeCapprio DVD.  What commandment may Julie be breaking?


2nd Commandment Scenario

Darrel just finished reading a book about Nostridamus, the 16th century astrologer who supposedly predicted the fall of the two towers in New York.  He started to wonder about his future.  He found himself becoming more and more curious about whether he would be rich or poor, famous or not famous, and of other aspects of his future life.  He even wanted to know whether He would make the High School football team next year.  While watching television, Miss Cleo advertised her psychic tarot card reading service.  She offered one free reading service.  Darrel called her and asked about his future.  He proceeded to call Miss Cleo several times.  When his Dad received the phone bill, he asked Darrel if he knew anything about the extra charges for a "psychic line."  Darrel said "no" that "the telephone company must have made a mistake."  What commandment may Darrel be breaking?


3rd Commandment Scenario

The Packers are playing the Minnesota Vikings at noon today.  Keith's family arrives at church for the 10:45 service only to find there is a baptism, the choir is singing, and there is communion today.  Keith loves watching the Packers with his Dad and he doesn't want to miss the beginning kick-off.  They live 20 minutes from church and with the service going long they would not make it in time.  So, Keith suggests they leave 20 minutes early, "After all," he reasons, "some worship is better than no worship" and "church is boring anyway."  What commandment may Keith be breaking?


4th Commandment Scenario

Katie is in a very grouchy mood, but she just doesn't know it.  She yelled at her brother for no reason and then "smacked" him on this back.  Her brother begins to cry and tattles to their mother.  Katie tells her Mom that it was her brother's fault and stomps out the door.  At school, her teacher confronts Katie about a late paper.  She gives an excuse and says it will be in tomorrow.  The teacher says it will be one grade lower for being late.  Katie snaps back, "That's not fair."  The teacher says, "That's the rule Katie."  Katie says under her breath, "Well, it's a dumb rule."  In the hallway, Katie's friends ask if she is coming to the dance on Friday night.  She says, "No, my stupid parents have me babysitting for my dorky brother."  Mom and Dad have to go to an important church meeting on Friday night.  When they get home the house is a major mess; Katie is sleeping in the recliner while her brother watches an R-rated movie on HBO.  What commandment may Katie be breaking?


5th Commandment Scenario

Katie has always been jealous of Nicky.  Nicky seems to always get what she wants.  She always has the best looking clothes, coolest hair, and seems to attract the cutest guys.  Plus, Nicky always seems to make whatever she tries out for.  She is a cheerleader, student council secretary and the "teacher's pet" for most classes.  Katie hates Nicky.  Katie often thinks about ways in which she can embarrass or humiliate Nicky.  Yesterday, Katie even hid Nicky's Algebra assignment and Nicky received an Incomplete.  What commandment may Katie be breaking?


6th Commandment Scenario

James and Daniel love telling "dirty jokes."  They often use the internet as a place to find new jokes or dirty cartoons.  Yesterday they went to an R-rated movie that had several nude scenes and they were so intrigued with one actress that they searched the internet for more photos of the woman.  James' parents are always arguing and fighting.  One day, he told Daniel that he wished his parents would just get a divorce.  Today, the boys are watching the Ellen Degenerate show on CBS.  What commandment may the boys be breaking? 


7th Commandment Scenario

Sarah loves music, videos, and PC games.  Recently, she found a site on the net that offered her MP3 files of her favorite group which she could download for free.  She downloaded four songs and she listens to them all the time.  She often makes copies of the files and gives them to her friends.  Yesterday, she found out the downloaded files were not approved by the group and the net-site might be sued.  Today Sarah played the songs for her boyfriend.  He asked for a copy and she burned a CD for him.  While the CD was copying, they searched through Sarah's video collection for the latest Star Wars episode but Sarah forgot to label it when she dubbed it from the Blockbuster video rental tape.  So they simply gave up and loaded her boyfriend's PC game onto her computer instead.  That way, they could play it at either house.  What commandment may Sarah be breaking?


8th Commandment Scenario

Shannon is a new freshman at Wausau Central High.  She does well in all her classes except Physical Science she just doesn't get it.  In the hallway she told her friends that Mr. HoLee is a rotten teacher and that he doesn't care about his students.  The next day Shannon passed a note in class that said Mr. HoLee had been stopped for drunk driving.  Mr. HoLee took the note, read it and gasped.  He was appalled, hurt and angry.  He knew the note was not true.  He asked who wrote the note.  Shannon said nothing.   What made it worse was that Mr. HoLee was Hmong and Shannon's family often blamed the Hmong for problems in the community.  They often told Shannon to stay away from, "Those Hmong."  The poor grade in Mr. HoLee's class was not the only reason she disliked him; she was prejudice against him because of his race.  What commandment may Shannon be breaking?


9th Commandment Scenario

Susan lives in an apartment along 1st Avenue.  It is small but there is enough room for her family and they have enough resources to pay their bills.  But yesterday, Susan drove by Sarah's house on the hill in Riverview.  It was massive, 6 bedrooms, a family room, 3 bathrooms, a 3-car garage, and a large backyard with a pool.  WOW!  Susan was amazed.  Suddenly things changed at home.  Now the apartment seemed too small to her.  She complained often to her parents.  Then one day she broke down crying.  She didn't want to live at home.  She wanted to live on the hill.  She got angry with her parents and said, "Why can't God give us a nicer place.  It's not fair."  What commandment may Susan be breaking?


10th Commandment Scenario

The television is on again at the Joseph home.  Jeremy is always watching TV.  He sees how TV portrays other 13 year-olds and he feels weird.  He doesn't dress that way; he doesn't do those things; but he wants to be accepted.  He starts to bug his parents for name-brand clothes from Old Navy, Aborcrombie and American Eagle, but they can't afford them.  He starts to want new shoes from Nike and a jacket from Columbia, but again his parents can't afford them and Jeremy doesn't have any money either.  So Jeremy starts to look for something else to make him look "cool."  He sees men in TV shows and movies smoking and drinking beer.  He starts to want to do them also.  He thinks they will make him popular.  He can't get the thoughts out of his mind.  He begins to plot ways to get a pack of cigarettes.  He even considers stealing a friend's Reebok sweatshirt but he's afraid he'll get caught.  He walks around frustrated and always seems to have a bad attitude.  He blames his parents for not making enough money.  What commandment may Jeremy be breaking?